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More information about bone spurs

Bone spurs are small, bony growths that can develop on the vertebrae of the spine. While most mild cases of bone spurs go unnoticed and do not carry any symptoms, more progressive bone spurs can cause local and radiating pain by compressing a nerve in the spinal column. If you are experiencing local pain in your neck or back or radiating pain in your extremities, you should schedule a visit with your physician to determine the cause of your symptoms. If you are diagnosed with this condition, there are several treatment options available for patients who have bone spurs.

Bone spurs are commonly associated with other spine conditions, such as arthritis of the spine and spinal stenosis. Arthritis of the spine is inflammation of the facet joints that link the vertebrae. As arthritis gets worse, joints deteriorate and the vertebrae begin to rub together with every movement of the spine. The constant friction between the vertebrae can cause bone spurs to form, which can eventually lead to narrowing, or stenosis, of the nerve pathways in the spine.

Bone spur treatment resources

To help you learn more about your condition and the treatments available, we’re happy to provide this collection of informative articles:

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