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What to expect after surgery

We’re here for you every step of the way


Your road to recovery

The days and weeks after any surgery can be some of the most important for healing. That’s why we provide our patients with the education and resources they need as they travel the road to recovery. Because each person heals at his or her own pace, making your postoperative care a top priority is essential for a full and complete recovery.

Personalized plan of follow-up care

As you embark on your personal path to lasting relief, we encourage you to stay in touch with your dedicated Care Management Team at USA Spine Care. Our Registered Nurse, who is on the same team you spoke with before your surgery, will guide you through the recovery process. And we do this for a reason — to ensure you receive the most comprehensive plan of care possible so we can help you heal. The members of your Care Management Team are experts in providing the highest level of patient-centered care and are standing by to give you the assistance you need so you can focus on getting back to the life you love.


At USA Spine Care, we pride ourselves on successful patient outcomes and exceptional patient care. That’s why you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any concerns you may have as you recover. Having questions during this phase of your journey is not only normal, it’s expected. And we invite you to call your SPINE LINE with the questions or concerns you may have after surgery.

Your road to recovery begins here

Postoperative recovery guide for MID

Discover what you need to know after your minimaly invasive decompression surgery in one convenient place.

Download MDI Guide

Postoperative recovery guide for MIS

How should you be feeling after surgery? Discover what you need to know after your minimally invasive stabilization procedure.

Download MIS Guide

The do’s and don’ts of recovery

When can I return to work? Is it safe to bend or twist after surgery? How soon can I drive? These are the questions we get the most from patients as they recover from surgery. While the procedure you underwent was minimally invasive, the time it takes to heal completely is different for each person. And that’s why we’ve created the following list of things you should and should not do as you recover.


  • Take time to heal
  • Call your SPINE LINE with questions
  • Follow weight-lifting restrictions
  • Bend from the hips
  • Sit down slowly
  • Keep track of your medications and take them as directed
  • Start with minimal walking
  • Ice your surgical site as directed
  • Watch the recommended Daily Activities videos


  • Drive while taking pain medications or muscle relaxers
  • Consume alcohol while taking medications
  • Bend from your spine
  • Participate in activities that require repeated bending or twisting
  • Soak or swim for the first two weeks or until your incision is healed
  • Schedule a massage or chiropractic visit until appropriate
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