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Acromioplasty of the Shoulder

acromioplasty of the shoulder

Acromioplasty of the Shoulder — basic overview

An acromioplasty of the shoulder is a surgical procedure that involves shaving off a small amount of bone at the top of the shoulder blade. Surgeons perform this type of surgery to treat rotator cuff injuries and shoulder impingement. A shoulder acromioplasty can help relieve pain and improve function in the shoulder for people who have fully explored conservative treatments without finding relief.

If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure, please review the following quick guide. Whether you have been recommended to undergo shoulder acromioplasty or are just exploring potential treatments for shoulder pain, educating yourself as a patient can help you be more engaged in your care. The USA Spine Care team is here to help and one of our representatives can answer any questions when you reach out.

Why rotator cuff injuries and shoulder impingements develop

The shoulder joint is a basic ball and socket joint connecting the top of the arm bone to the shoulder blade on the torso. To keep the joint stable and still be able to perform the wide array of complex movement we require of the arm, there is an intricate arrangement of soft tissue and smaller supporting bones.

Due to the stress we place on our shoulders on a daily basis, combined with their flexibility, it is very easy for shoulder injuries to develop. Two common injuries that many people have in the shoulder are:


  • Rotator cuff injuries — These include strains and tears to the group of four small muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder and allow for much of the movement and rotation we require of the arm.
  • Shoulder impingement syndrome — This condition can develop due to inflammation of the tendons in the rotator cuff from rubbing against the acromion, a narrow section of bone in the shoulder. Shoulder impingement can affect your ability to raise your arm to shoulder height or higher.




In most cases, doctors will recommend conservative treatments including rest, over-the-counter medication and physical therapy for these injuries. However, if pain and mobility problems persist and do not respond to nonsurgical care, a surgical procedure such as acromioplasty of the shoulder may be recommended.

What to expect during shoulder acromioplasty

In cases where there is constriction near the acromion that is worsening shoulder pain, surgeons can perform a shoulder acromioplasty. This procedure typically involves the following steps:

  • The surgeon makes a small incision in the shoulder near the acromion
  • Using direct visualization technology and minimally invasive techniques, the surgeon shaves off a small portion of bone from the acromion
  • The surgeon will make any other necessary tendon or ligament repair
  • The incision is closed and the patient is taken to recovery

Upon stabilization, the patient will be given postoperative care instructions. Shoulder surgery recovery typically covers a span of weeks to months and involves keeping the shoulder immobilized and physical therapy sessions.

Shoulder acromioplasty cost considerations

The cost of acromioplasty of the shoulder procedures are determined by several factors. Particularly, this includes the extent of the procedure and the insurance carrier. Medicare does acromioplasty surgery if it is a necessary treatment. At USA Spine Care, we accept Medicare, most private health insurances, workers’ compensation and personal injury cases.

USA Spine Care can help you find lasting relief

To learn more about conservative and surgical treatments for shoulder injuries that can help you get back to the quality of life you deserve, contact USA Spine Care. Our highly skilled and compassionate team has years of experience helping patients regain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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