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Traveling with a bone spur — five tips for staying comfortable on any trip

One of the most common challenges of living with a spinal bone spur is staying comfortable on long (or even short) trips. That said, there are several ways to make traveling with a bone spur much easier. If you’re preparing for an upcoming vacation and want to make the most of your experience, consider the following tips.

Break up long periods of seated travel

Driving, flying, taking a bus and using a light rail can all involve hours of sitting down. Whatever mode of transportation you take, be sure to get up periodically to stretch out and prevent bone spur pain from building. Even just a minute or two every hour can help.

Wear supportive shoes and comfortable clothing

Another way to alleviate bone spur pain is to choose the right kind of shoes. A supportive sneaker or orthopedic sandal can reduce the impact that your body sustains whenever you walk. Similarly, lightweight and breathable clothing can make it easier for you to periodically stretch your neck and back, helping you to feel better when you travel.

Take care to stay well hydrated

Travel days are busy, but taking some time to drink water, lightly sweetened juices and other non-caffeinated beverages can help you feel your best. Dehydration has been correlated with higher levels of bone spur pain, but it is easily preventable with a bit of extra planning.

Tailor your itinerary to your needs

If you’re traveling for a specific reason, such as a wedding, build your itinerary around one specific event, leaving plenty of time to rest before and after it. Are you hoping to experience a new city? Choose one or two sights per day and seek out unique places to rest while soaking in the local culture. Central Park in New York City, the Golden Gate Overlook in San Francisco, California, and the observation deck of Seattle, Washington’s Space Needle, are all excellent places to put your feet up and unwind.

Take advantage of amenities

Staying in a hotel? Choose a property with a soaking tub or Jacuzzi where you can soothe your bone spur pain. Hotels with an on-site gym can also help you to maintain a physician-approved exercise program while you’re on the go.

At USA Spine Care, we understand the impact that bone spur pain can have on your ability to participate in the activities you enjoy the most. If travel has become exceedingly difficult and nonsurgical therapies haven’t done enough to help you manage your symptoms, minimally invasive surgery might be worth exploring. To learn more about the outpatient bone spur surgeries performed at USA Spine Care, contact us today.

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