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How long is recovery from spinal bone spur surgery?

Bone spur surgery is usually a last resort. If a bone spur is causing a pinched nerve in the spine leading to pain and other symptoms, conservative treatments can be highly effective and should be fully exhausted before spine surgery becomes an option.

If you have been recommended for bone spur surgery as a best option for pain relief, it is understandable to have concerns, including what the length of the recovery period will be. Since every patient, condition and procedure is different, this question is one that can only be realistically discussed with a physician when you consult for surgery. Recovery from spine surgery can range from patients being able to resume some activities within the first couple of weeks after the procedure to others needing up to a year to fully recover from the most invasive and involved procedures.

Minimally invasive bone spur surgery

USA Spine Care is the leader in minimally invasive outpatient spine surgery, an alternative to traditional open back procedures that require a large incision and overnight hospitalization. Our highly skilled surgeons can treat bone spurs with decompression procedures that offer patients the following advantages:

  • A less than 1-inch incision
  • 81 percent of patients receiving decompression surgery report returning to work within three months of surgery^
  • 88 percent of patient receiving decompression surgery report returning to daily activities within three months of surgery^
  • A 2.26 percent complication rate compared to up to 16.4 percent for other spine surgery providers^

Patients who come to us can expect to receive detailed postoperative instructions explaining when to resume certain activities and how to care for the incision site. To ensure the safest and quickest recovery possible from any type of bone spur surgery, it is essential to follow the postoperative guidelines you receive from your surgical team.

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To learn more about the treatment options we offer for patients dealing with bone spur pain, contact our dedicated team today. We’re happy to provide a free MRI review* to determine if you may be a candidate for one of our outpatient procedures.

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