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Am I a candidate for spinal bone spur surgery?

Bone spurs are small growths that develop on bones as a result of friction or rubbing. They commonly occur in joints that have become damaged from arthritis. When these bone spurs develop on the vertebrae at the spinal joints, they can come into contact with a nerve root and result in pain, stiffness and other related symptoms. Treatment for these symptoms range from conservative options to bone spur surgery.

Determining if surgery is the right treatment option for you

Bone spur surgery is not for everyone. To determine if you’re a candidate for a spinal procedure, a physician will consider many factors. Some of these considerations include:

  • Whether conservative treatment options can be used. Surgery is often the last treatment option a physician will consider. The first course of action typically involves conservative options, such as pain medications, hot and cold compresses, low-impact exercises and stretching techniques. Only after these methods have been shown to be ineffective should surgery be considered.
  • The severity of symptoms. Symptoms caused by a bone spur can range from mild and infrequent to debilitating and chronic. Surgery is typically reserved for individuals with symptoms that greatly impact their ability to function in their normal lives.
  • The patient’s general health and medical history. Some patients may not be healthy enough to undergo an invasive surgical procedure. However, minimally invasive surgery at USA Spine Care is a safer and effective alternative to traditional open surgery and may be appropriate for people who wouldn’t otherwise be surgical candidates.

Bone spur surgery at USA Spine Care

USA Spine Care specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery to treat bone spurs and other conditions that affect the spine. To learn more about our bone spur surgery options, contact USA Spine Care today. We can give you a no-cost MRI review* to determine if you’re a candidate for one of our minimally invasive procedures.

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