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Facet thermal ablation with Laser

Laser Spine Surgery

Advantages of USA Spine Care's minimally invasive spine surgery:

  • No lengthy recovery^
  • Patient satisfaction score of 98^
  • Board-certified surgeons+
  • Less than 1-inch incision
  • Outpatient procedure
  • 98 out of 100 patient recommendation rate^

Facet thermal ablation overview

Facet thermal ablation is a procedure that involves heating one or more nerve endings in the spinal facet joints that are causing pain. Similar to other facet ablation procedures, such as radiofrequency ablation, facet thermal ablations differ in that they use a laser instead of a radiofrequency needle. Facet thermal ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed on an outpatient basis, in many cases, patients will receive this treatment in conjunction with a minimally invasive decompression surgery.

If you’re dealing with spinal joint pain caused by osteoarthritis or another degenerative condition, learning more about the available treatment options can help you make an informed decision about your care. At USA Spine Care, we’re here to help answer any questions you have, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Who can benefit from a facet thermal ablation?

Facet disease, a form of osteoarthritis, is a term for pain and other symptoms resulting from the natural degeneration of the protective cartilage around the spinal facet joints. Over time, as the cartilage wears away, the increased friction between spinal joints can cause inflammation that results in stiffness and aches in the spine. This inflammation can also result in irritation or compression of small nerves that send sensory information to and from the joints, called branch nerves.

While facet disease is not a reversible condition, many patients are able to find effective relief through conservative treatments such as physical therapy, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication and lifestyle changes. If weeks or months of conservative treatment have not offered the relief necessary for a good quality of life, surgery, including facet thermal ablation, can become an option.

What to expect during a facet thermal ablation procedure

To perform facet thermal ablation, the surgeon will make a small incision less than one-inch incision at the location of the inflamed facet joint. Using muscle-sparing techniques and the assistance of a fluoroscope for visualization, the surgeon will use a laser to carefully burn away nerve endings that have become irritated and are causing pain. As these are sensory nerves only, they can be safely removed without affecting motor skills.

Due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, patients can typically return home the night of the surgery. The surgical team will give detailed instructions for recovery and when to resume normal activities.

Facet thermal ablation cost 2020-2021

There are many factors that determine facet thermal ablation cost. This includes the type of procedure, the number of ablations required, and insurance carrier. Medicare has approved coverage of facet thermal ablation if deemed necessary by a physician. USA Spine Care facilities work with Medicare, most private health insurances, as well as workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. A member of our team will be glad to help you find answers to your questions about any cost considerations.

Learn more about facet thermal ablation at USA Spine Care

At USA Spine Care, our world-class surgeons have been helping patients find relief from facet disease for decades. Our minimally invasive procedures, including facet thermal ablation, can help people dealing with chronic pain get back to the people and activities they’ve been missing out on.

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