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LaserDisc® — USA Spine Care exclusive treatment for spine health

Advantages of USA Spine Care's minimally invasive spine surgery:

  • No lengthy recovery^
  • Patient satisfaction score of 96^
  • Board-certified surgeons+
  • Less than 1-inch incision
  • Outpatient procedure
  • 99 percent patient recommendation rate^

Patients suffering from chronic neck or back pain, who have not found relief from conservative pain treatments, may benefit from our USA Spine Care exclusive procedure — LaserDisc®. LaserDisc® is an innovative way to prevent and even reverse disc degeneration in your spine. Pioneered by our very own Chief of Surgical Innovation, Dr. Mark Flood, LaserDisc® harnesses the healing power of a patient’s stem cells and uses that power to restore and rebuild diseased discs in the spine.

During the LaserDisc® procedure, the surgeon will harvest a patient’s stem cells and inject them into the affected area of the spine. The stem cells will then attract additional stem cells to the diseased area to help restore the damaged disc by repairing the tissue and cartilage in the spine. This process is sped along by low-level lasers, photo-light activation and regenerative medicine. The average procedure lasts about 90 minutes.

Conditions treated by LaserDisc® at USA Spine Care

The purpose of LaserDisc® is to create an alternative to spine surgery by using your own cells to repair diseased discs and restore your mobility and quality of life. While LaserDisc® can be used to treat several spine conditions, the most common conditions treated are:

Our exclusively offered LaserDisc® procedure can help you find an alternative way to rebuild your spine health without removing discs or inserting implants. Some of the other advantages of our LaserDisc® treatment include:

Conditions commonly treated with LaserDisc®:

Spinal Stenosis
Herniated/Bulging Discs
Pinched Nerves
Bone Spurs
Arthritis of the Spine
Facet Disease
Foraminal Stenosis
Annular Tear

*Multiple procedures can be combined to treat each condition.
*Some procedures allow for hardware removal.

With our LaserDisc® procedure, you have the opportunity to harness your own power to rebuild your spine health and restore your quality of life.

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