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Edge Structural Bodywork & Medical Massage Therapy

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What is “edge” structural bodywork? 

Structural bodywork is the concept of taking a structural and functional approach to therapeutic massage that identifies and releases tension at the source. In some cases, structural bodywork can involve techniques, such as deep tissue massage, that apply so much pressure to tense muscles and trigger points that it is uncomfortable to patients. The idea of “edge” structural bodywork is that the massage therapist will apply just enough pressure that it is at the edge of discomfort but still hard enough to release tension.

What is medical massage therapy?

Medical massage therapy typically refers to massage that is used to treat a condition or injury diagnosed by a physician. A medical massage therapist usually receives specialized training and certification in therapeutic massage. Similar to structural bodywork this form of massage is built on a functional understanding of the body and how certain disorders can affect the way the body works.

How do edge structural bodywork and medical massage therapy work together?

Muscle tension is a common symptom of a broad range of injuries and conditions. Tension is a natural response to stress, whether it is due to overuse of a muscle or connective tissue, neuropathic pain or other causes. In cases of chronic pain or repeated overuse, the muscles can become unable to relax resulting in tension that can actually increase pain and affect mobility. Muscle tension can also develop during the recovery period after a surgical procedure, making the resumption of normal activities more difficult.

If edge structural bodywork and/or medical massage therapy is recommended by a physician as part of a broader conservative treatment program, patients will first meet with their therapist for an assessment consisting of the following steps:

  • Review of health history and current treatments
  • Discussion of symptoms and pain levels
  • Hands-on evaluation to identify painful areas and gauge pain levels

For edge structural bodywork and medical massage therapy, achieving the goal of effective deep tissue massage while limiting discomfort requires strong communication between patient and therapist. That’s why it is so important to find a massage therapist who is both experienced and has a patient-centric approach.

Edge structural bodywork and medical massage therapy cost

As physical therapy techniques, the cost of structural bodywork and medical massage vary depending on factors including the number of sessions, other treatments being performed and insurance coverage. USA Spine Care facilities accept patients with Medicare, most private health insurances, as well as workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. If you have any questions about cost, we’ll be happy to answer them when you get in touch with us.

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