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More information about collapsed disc

A collapsed disc is a spinal disc that has lost its normal height, often due to the gradual deterioration that occurs through the normal aging process.

The purpose of a spinal disc is to cushion and space the surrounding vertebrae, allowing the spine to move and absorb impact while minimizing any damage to the bones and joints. After years of constant movement and pressure from bending, twisting, lifting and carrying weight, a disc in the spine can begin to wear down. As a collapsed disc begins to develop, the space between the two surrounding vertebrae begins to narrow. This can increase the risk of a nerve root becoming trapped in between the two vertebrae and causing painful symptoms.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a collapsed disc, you should research more information about your condition, the causes and the treatments available. To begin your research, take a look at some of our popular collapsed disc articles below:

If you have any questions while you research more about a collapsed disc, contact our team at USA Spine Care today. Let us guide you along your journey to find pain relief and recapture your quality of life.

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