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Treatment for a collapsed disc in the back

Have you been diagnosed with a collapsed disc and think you’ll need treatment? If so, you’re likely wondering what options might be available to you. Before deciding on any particular treatment method, you should always talk to your physician to get personalized recommendations that account for your individual medical needs. You can still get a general idea for what to expect, however, by familiarizing yourself with the most common approaches to treatment.

Conservative approaches are typically the first choice

In many cases, collapsed disc treatment begins with conservative, or nonsurgical, techniques. Physicians tend to avoid surgery at first because less invasive options can often alleviate pain and other symptoms without the inherent risks of an operation. Some of the most commonly suggested treatments include:

  • Keeping active through regular low-impact exercise
  • Completing specific stretches to ensure that the spine and surrounding muscles remain limber
  • Taking medications to help reduce pain and inflammation, which can allow you to pursue other treatment methods and go about your normal routine
  • Applying ice and/or heat to control symptoms on a short-term basis
  • Going through physical therapy to improve strength and flexibility of the spine

Many times, some combination of these therapies, often coupled with lifestyle changes like losing weight and stopping tobacco use (if necessary), is enough to alleviate symptoms. It can take weeks of trial and error to find the most effective treatment regimen, so having patience and taking note of how each measure works is essential.

When surgery is an option

You might be wondering when surgery is presented as a viable option. As a general rule, surgery would only be considered if the more conservative measures haven’t helped you find meaningful relief and if your symptoms are severe or worsening. Of course, you’ll need to discuss with your physician whether you’re healthy enough for surgery before deciding if it’s a good option for you. Should surgery sound appropriate, be sure to do your homework about all aspects of the operation, including preparation and recovery.

Types of surgery available

What you might not know is that there are two major types of surgical collapsed disc treatment — traditional, open back approaches and the minimally invasive spine surgery offered by USA Spine Care. Our minimally invasive spine surgery is often the clinically appropriate first choice and provides many advantages versus open neck or back surgery.^

If you’re interested in learning more, contact USA Spine Care today to find out the advantages to our collapsed disc treatment options.

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