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Alternative collapsed disc treatment options

The symptoms of a collapsed disc often include pain, stiffness and limited range of motion as well as numbness, tingling and muscle weakness if a nearby nerve root is affected. After diagnosing this condition, your physician will likely recommend a combination of several conservative treatments. These may include exercise, physical therapy, periods of rest, pain medications or hot and cold compresses. However, alternative treatments continue to be a popular option among patients looking for symptom relief.

Alternative therapies that can supplement your traditional treatment plan

Although the medical community has not reached a consensus about the effectiveness of these approaches, many patients exploring their collapsed disc treatment options have reported success with alternative options such as:

  1. Chiropractic manipulation — to help keep the spine in alignment
  2. Acupuncture or acupressure — to relieve pain through stimulation of key points on the body
  3. Herbal supplements — that help to reduce inflammation
  4. Aromatherapy — to calm and relax the body
  5. Holistic yoga — to strengthen and stretch the spine while reducing stress
  6. Therapeutic massage — for relaxing tense muscles surrounding the spine

As with other, more traditional treatments, you should consult your physician before exploring a new collapsed disc treatment option. Your physician can ensure the alternative therapy you wish to try will not interfere with any other treatments you are currently using.

When conservative and alternative treatments are not enough

Some patients may continue to experience pain and other symptoms despite their use of conservative and alternative treatments. In these cases, surgery may be the next option to consider. At USA Spine Care, our minimally invasive spine surgeries are a safer and effective alternative to traditional open surgery and require less than a 1-inch incision.^ We have already helped more than 75,000 patients find relief from their collapsed discs or other spinal conditions and are ready to do the same for you. Contact us today to learn more about our outpatient procedures. We will be happy to provide you with a free MRI review* to help determine if you are a candidate for one of our minimally invasive procedures.

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