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Five outdoor activities that can help with your collapsed disc treatment

If you’ve been diagnosed with a collapsed disc, there are a number of treatment options your physician may recommend. A common part of treatment involves staying active with low-impact exercises, which can help keep the spine and surrounding muscles strong and flexible. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, there are a number of activities that you can try that will also help as part of your collapsed disc treatment.

Low-impact exercises that let you enjoy the outdoors

Some of the most popular outdoor activities that you can incorporate into your collapsed disc treatment plan include:

  1. Hiking. Hiking is a great outdoor activity that lets you enjoy nature without putting too much impact on the spine. You can choose trails that are the appropriate difficulty and length for your preferences. Make sure to bring a water bottle as well to stay hydrated.
  2. Walking. If hiking isn’t feasible based on where you live, you can get the same benefits from simply walking around your neighborhood or town. This is an easy way to get regular exercise without breaking the bank.
  3. Water activities. Swimming and water aerobics in an outdoor pool are popular among individuals with spinal conditions, as the water provides buoyancy that protects the joints from hard impacts. Some places also offer water classes that are designed to help with treatment of a collapsed disc or other spinal condition.
  4. Biking. Cycling can be an effective collapsed disc treatment option as well, as there is little impact on the spine. However, if positioning yourself on a bike increases your back pain, you may want to skip this option.
  5. Yoga. Many places offer yoga classes in outdoor locations, such as a park or a beach. Restorative yoga can help strengthen and stretch the muscles surrounding the spine without putting too much impact on the spine.

Other collapsed disc treatment options

Outdoor activities can be a great way to stay active and get regular exercise. In conjunction with other conservative treatments, such as pain medications and hot/cold compresses, many individuals with collapsed discs are able to effectively manage their symptoms. In more severe cases, however, surgery may need to be considered as a next step in treatment.

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