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Library of degenerative joint disease articles

Degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis, can cause spinal inflammation which results in symptoms of pain and joint stiffness. These symptoms may be intense enough to interfere with an active lifestyle. At USA Spine Care, we take pride in helping people recover from surgically addressable spinal diseases. Read on to learn about how we can help you get started on your journey to wellness.

Recapturing your quality of life with USA Spine Care

At USA Spine Care, our team helps patients on the road to recovery by educating the public and providing accurate information about degenerative joint disease, as well as other spinal conditions, causes, treatments and related health effects.

Please read the articles below to learn more:

Learn more about our degenerative joint disease surgery

If you are dealing with debilitating pain and you have tried conservative treatments like pain medications and physical therapy with no change in your symptoms, USA Spine Care may be able to help. Our board-certified surgeons+ have treated more than 75,000 patients diagnosed with neck and back conditions using our minimally invasive procedures. Contact USA Spine Care today to learn more about your condition and the procedures we perform to relieve degenerative joint disease.

We can determine whether you are a potential candidate for our procedures by scheduling a free MRI review* with a member of our team.

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