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SI joint fusion: considering surgery for SI pain

SI joint refers to the sacroiliac joint, which connects the pelvis and the base of the spine. Since the SI joint is located near the hips, pain in the SI joint is commonly mistaken as pain in the hips and may also be misdiagnosed as a lower spine condition. In many cases, this leads people to seek the wrong type of treatment for the condition that is the source of symptoms.

If you are experiencing pain in the lower back that radiates through the hips, buttock and leg, you should consult your doctor or specialist to determine the cause of your symptoms. You may be diagnosed with a degenerative condition that has caused your SI joint to deteriorate and cause pain, stiffness and limited bending and lifting.

SI joint pain treatment

Upon diagnosis, treatment typically begins with a course of conservative treatment options like medication, physical therapy, periods of rest and hot/cold compression therapy. SI joint injections may also be administered to relieve pain and inflammation.

Surgical treatment like an SI joint fusion is typically considered if more conservative treatment has been exhausted without bringing the relief you require for normal, comfortable activity. A fusion of the SI joint may be recommended by a prospective surgeon to stabilize the region and relieve pain. However, performed as a traditional full open spine procedure, this type of fusion involves a large muscle-disrupting incision leading to a risk of complications and a long, often difficult, recovery period.

Minimally invasive SI joint fusion

At USA Spine Care, we offer a procedure to treat SI joint pain with our minimally invasive SI joint fusion. Our minimally invasive spine surgery is performed on an outpatient basis with a small muscle-sparing incision, leading to less risk of complication and a shorter recovery period.^

The minimally invasive stabilization procedure begins with a small incision in the back of about an inch in length. The surgeon carefully avoids disrupting the surrounding muscles and soft tissues as the spine is accessed. The SI joint fusion is used to treat patients who are experiencing chronic and severe SI joint pain.

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