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Injury — a potential cause of herniated discs

A herniated disc develops when a crack forms in the disc’s outer layer, allowing the inner gel-like center to push through and cause the disc to bulge. In some cases, the disc can even rupture. Either way, the abnormally shaped disc can cause complications when it compresses the surrounding nerves. A pinched nerve in the spine can lead to pain at the site of compression, as well as radiating pain, weakness and tingling that travel down the affected nerve root.

Although the most common factor in the occurrence of herniated discs is aging, there are other causes such as an injury that can contribute to the development of disc tears. Whether sustained at work, during leisure activities or through an automobile accident, impacts that involve the spine can lead to damaged discs. These injuries may be acute, one-time events or they may be repetitive and cumulative in nature. To learn about the impact of sports and chronic injury on herniated discs as well as learn about the treatments available for this condition, read the following article.

Impact sports and herniated discs

Acute injuries tend to occur during high-speed impacts like car crashes, but they can also happen to participants in certain sports where your spine can be hit by colliding with another body or through contact with the ground. A poorly timed landing in a gymnastics routine or a particularly hard tackle on the football field can also lead to a herniated disc.

Chronic injury can lead to a herniated disc

Perhaps the more common herniated disc injury, however, is a chronic injury. In lines of work that require manual labor, such as roofing, workers perform repeated motions that can strain the spine. These motions might include lifting loads with the back rather than with the legs or twisting the spine while lifting loads.

Treating a herniated disc

If you have herniated discs caused by injury or another cause, you may want to investigate your surgical treatment options if several weeks or months of pain medication, physical therapy or chiropractic care do not provide you with lasting relief from your condition. Contact USA Spine Care today to learn about the minimally invasive spine procedures we offer to treat a herniated disc.

As the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, we have helped more than 75,000 patients find lasting relief from their chronic neck or back pain. To find out if you are a potential candidate for our outpatient herniated disc procedures, reach out to our dedicated team today and ask for a free MRI review.* We can help you recapture your quality of life from this debilitating condition.

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