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When to consider failed back surgery syndrome surgery

Failed back surgery syndrome is an extremely frustrating outcome for a spine procedure. It can be devastating to undergo surgery and go through a long recovery process, only to have the symptoms that were supposed to go away return. In many cases, your doctor or specialist will recommend you recommit to conservative treatment to see if the condition improves on its own, but a follow-up surgery may be recommended.

If you are wondering if your neck or back surgery has been unsuccessful and if another surgery to correct the problem will be required, the following information can help you learn more about this condition. Educating yourself as a patient can make you more engaged in the treatment process and better able to work with your doctor to find lasting relief.

Signs of failed back surgery syndrome

When it comes to spine surgery, it’s important that you maintain the right expectations. The recovery process for spine surgery is often long and difficult and can come with its own aches and pains. With that said, there is a difference between feeling uncomfortable during the recovery and rehabilitation process and experiencing a continuation or intensification of your original symptoms after the surgical site has healed.

Here are some signs that you may be experiencing failed back surgery syndrome:

  • Pain at a different level than from the location that was treated
  • Back spasms
  • Sharp, localized pain in one area
  • Restricted mobility
  • Discomfort that does not gradually improve
  • Numbness or pain that seems to radiate into the extremities

Even if you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that your back surgery failed. However, if you are concerned by a lack of progress, speak with your physician as soon as possible. He or she should be actively involved in your recovery process and if there are any signs that something is out of the ordinary, it’s important to communicate them to an expert. With this information, failed back surgery syndrome surgery can be considered on an as-needed basis.

When to consider another spine surgery

If your physician or surgeon has diagnosed you with failed back surgery syndrome and conservative treatments have not been effective in relieving this condition, be sure to explore the full range of surgical options. As an alternative to the highly invasive traditional open spine procedures that are often the cause of failed back surgery syndrome, USA Spine Care provides minimally invasive spine surgery. Our surgeons perform our procedures with muscle-sparing techniques on an outpatient basis, offering a lower risk of complication and a shorter recovery period for our patients.^

To learn more and to find out if you may be a candidate for one of our procedures, reach out to our caring and dedicated team for a no-cost MRI review.*

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