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Failed back surgery syndrome resources

After taking the big step of undergoing spinal surgery, some people experience a recurrence of the same painful symptoms they were dealing with before. Sometimes, the symptoms are even worse. This phenomenon is called failed back surgery syndrome, or FBSS, and it is a condition that leaves patients feeling angry, disappointed and frustrated.

Since 2005, USA Spine Care has helped more than 75,000 people find relief from neck and back conditions, including FBSS. Whether you have experienced a failed spinal surgery or you have been recommended a traditional open back procedure and have concerns, USA Spine Care may be able to help.

Articles on failed back surgery syndrome

If you are experiencing FBSS, or are looking to learn more about this condition, please read through these resources on our website for more information about this condition:

To learn more about FBSS and the treatments we have available, please contact USA Spine Care. Our highly skilled team of surgeons perform minimally invasive spine surgery that is a safer and effective alternative to traditional open neck or back procedures.^

If you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for one of our procedures, ask for your no-cost MRI review from our team of dedicated Spine Care Consultants today.

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