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Methods to recognizing symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome

Failed back surgery syndrome is described as any pain or discomfort that continues, develops or increases after spine surgery. This is often caused by a failed spinal fusion due to excessive scar tissue or other complications related to traditional open back surgery. Failed back surgery symptoms are not always simple to identify.

This is especially true during the initial stages of recovery after back surgery because a certain amount of stiffness and inflammation at the incision site is expected after surgery. Before you begin your recovery period, consult your surgeon about what to expect so you can better recognize failed back surgery syndrome symptoms. Read on to learn more about how to detect this condition and the alternatives available for relief.

Know the difference between symptoms

Understanding the difference between normal postoperative soreness and failed back surgery syndrome could help you find pain relief faster. While only a physician or spine care specialist can diagnose failed back surgery syndrome, there are certain indicators you can look for to help you determine when you should consult a doctor about your symptoms.

Keep in mind that rehabilitation or physical therapy may cause additional pain or discomfort. In general, what you should not expect is a continuation or intensification of the symptoms you experienced before the operation. For example, if pain was shooting downward into a particular area of the body before the surgery and it continues to do so for several days or weeks afterward, it may be time to assess whether the surgery achieved its goal. Any change in symptoms should be reported to your medical team.

The minimally invasive alternative

If you are experiencing failed back surgery syndrome symptoms and are wondering whether another operation is the answer, reach out to USA Spine Care to learn whether you may be a candidate for a minimally invasive procedure. Our surgery offers a safer and effective alternative to traditional open back surgery,^ reducing the likelihood of developing this debilitating condition.

At USA Spine Care, we understand the utter frustration and hopelessness that you may be experiencing. After all, spine surgery was your last resort treatment and it didn’t relieve your pain. Fortunately, our team of board-certified surgeons+ has helped more than 75,000 patients find relief from chronic neck and back pain, including patients suffering from failed back surgery syndrome.

Our minimally invasive spine surgery can relieve pressure on the pinched nerve root in your spine through a decompression surgery or stabilization surgery. Both procedures are performed through a small incision without disrupting the muscles surrounding the spine. For this reason, our surgeries offer a lower risk of complication and a shorter recovery period^ compared to traditional open back surgery.

If you are suffering from failed back surgery syndrome, contact USA Spine Care and ask for a free MRI review* to determine if our outpatient procedures would be effective in relieving your failed back surgery syndrome symptoms. We can help you get back to the active lifestyle you enjoy with our minimally invasive spine surgery.

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