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Alternative pain relief options for failed back surgery syndrome

If you’re experiencing pain or debilitating symptoms as a result of failed back surgery syndrome, then you may not be eager to undergo another surgery in your pursuit of pain relief. Instead of surgery, your doctor or physical therapist is likely to recommend a variety of conservative treatments, such as pain and anti-inflammatory medications, targeted exercises, heat and ice therapy and corticosteroid injections.

In addition to those treatment options, many patients experiencing failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) may turn to alternative treatment options that are outside of mainstream medicine but have been effective for some people seeking relief from the pain of a spine condition. Here are three options to consider:

  • Chiropractic care. A licensed chiropractor typically manipulates components of the spine to improve its alignment and relieve nerve compression. A chiropractor may also administer massage, ultrasound therapy and electromagnetic therapy for pain relief.
  • Herbal remedies. Natural herbs, such as ginger, turmeric and devil’s claw, have been associated with decreased inflammation that can help relieve back pain.
  • Acupuncture. In this treatment method, an acupuncturist strategically inserts thin needles in certain places on the body. The practice is thought to relieve pain by releasing endorphins that block pain signals to the brain.

Minimally invasive outpatient surgery for FBSS

If several weeks or months of conservative and alternative treatments haven’t brought you sufficient pain relief and the debilitating symptoms of FBSS are interfering with your enjoyment of life, then you may wish to consider minimally invasive spine surgery at USA Spine Care as a treatment option. FBSS is one of many spine conditions we treat through procedures that minimize scarring and muscle disruption. Our outpatient procedures offer many advantages versus open neck or back surgery, including shorter recovery times and a lower risk of complication.^

To learn more about the minimally invasive surgery performed at USA Spine Care, contact us today. When you do, we can also tell you about our free MRI review,* which can help determine whether you’re a candidate for our procedures.

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