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How to recognize the symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome

Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) occurs when a spinal procedure is not successful at treating your neck or back pain. It can occur if the underlying condition was not properly diagnosed or if the procedure does not adequately fix the problem. Following a spinal procedure, it helps to know what to expect during the recovery process and how it differs from symptoms of FBSS.

Symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome

After surgery, patients will experience some pain as they heal from the surgery. These symptoms should be manageable with pain medications and subside with time. In cases of FBSS, symptoms may include:

  • The same neck or back symptoms experienced prior to surgery
  • New spine conditions
  • Limited mobility or spasms
  • A dull or sharp pain that extends through one of the extremities
  • Dependence on prescription pain medications
  • Anxiety and depression

If you experience these symptoms or are not seeing improvement in your condition following surgery, you’ll want to consult with a physician to determine if it is due to FBSS. Your physician can provide a diagnosis and help you determine your next step.

Avoiding failed back surgery syndrome

There is always some risk involved when choosing to undergo spinal surgery, but the likelihood of having failed back surgery syndrome increases with how invasive the procedure is. The board-certified+ surgeons at USA Spine Care specialize in providing minimally invasive spine surgery that can be appropriate as an initial spinal procedure or to address FBSS.

Whether or not you have had spine surgery before, the minimally invasive procedures available at USA Spine Care are a safer and effective alternative to traditional surgery.^ Contact us today for a no-cost MRI review* to find out if you’re a candidate for one of our outpatient procedures.

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