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Four questions to ask your doctor about failed back surgery syndrome

Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) is the term used to describe patients who have undergone an unsuccessful neck or back surgery and are experiencing complications as a result. While a successful back surgery relieves a patient’s symptoms, patients with failed back surgery symptoms display new or worsening symptoms after their initial surgery.

Questions to ask about failed back surgery syndrome

If your physician has recently told you that you are suffering from failed back surgery syndrome, it is likely that you are feeling frustrated or anxious. However, educating yourself on your condition and what you can do to improve it may help relieve some of the initial worry you may be feeling. Here are four questions to ask your physician about failed back surgery syndrome:

  1. What caused my failed back surgery syndrome? Common causes of FBSS include nerve damage during surgery or inadequate removal of the disc or bone causing the initial symptoms of the creation of a new condition. Your physician should be able to tell you the precise cause of your FBSS, although sometimes, it’s difficult to pinpoint a precise cause.
  2. Do I have any nonsurgical treatment options? Because there are so many causes and variations of FBSS, treatment for this condition also varies widely. Your physician will be able to recommend a course of treatment that is most appropriate for you.
  3. Will I need another surgery? In some cases, conservative methods of treatment are effective in managing a patient’s pain from FBSS. Your physician will be able to examine your individual case and help determine what’s best for you.
  4. What are the risks of having another surgery? An individual’s best action plan for moving forward will depend on many factors, including his or her overall health and what went wrong the first time. Your physician will be able to explain your risk factors, projected recovery time and prognosis following surgery.

Failed back syndrome surgery at USA Spine Care

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