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Exercises to avoid with failed back surgery syndrome

As with many other painful spine conditions, the symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome can sometimes lead patients to shun any form of exercise, either because of the discomfort they may experience with movement or out of fear that exercising can cause added injury to their bodies. The truth is that the human body requires a certain amount of movement to remain flexible and to prevent muscle atrophy. Moreover, the right amount of appropriate exercising can actually be a valuable part of a conservative treatment plan to address the symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome. In addition to strengthening the muscles needed to support the spine, an appropriate level of exercising can improve circulation and lift the spirits of patients who may be depressed over the disappointing outcome of their neck or back surgery.

Failed back surgery syndrome refers to any adverse symptoms that continue after a back surgery that was intended to alleviate them, or to new chronic symptoms that can sometimes arise after the surgery. The condition can occur as a result of several factors, including a misdiagnosis, the formation of scar tissue in the wake of surgery or structural changes in the spine. It is important to remember that a certain amount of soreness is to be expected immediately after surgery and may continue for a few weeks, although the intensity should steadily diminish over time. Severe pain that occurs after surgery can be a sign of failed back surgery syndrome, as can pain and other uncomfortable symptoms that continue past the recovery period you’ve been told to expect by your medical team.

Exercises to avoid with failed back surgery syndrome

If you believe you’re suffering from failed back surgery syndrome, then it’s important to consult with your doctor and/or physical therapist before embarking on any exercise regimen. Your doctor, who is familiar with your medical history and the specific details of your spine condition, can help you identify exercises that will be safe to incorporate into your failed back surgery syndrome treatment plan. Swimming, walking, stretching and yoga are all exercises that are commonly included in treatment plans for patients coping with failed back surgery symptoms.

Some of the exercises you’ll want to avoid include:

  • Weightlifting
  • Running or jogging
  • Participating in high-impact sports
  • Playing golf, tennis or other games that involve frequent bending and twisting

Many patients experiencing the debilitating symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome benefit from incorporating doctor-recommended exercises into their conservative treatment plan. Others may wish to explore minimally invasive spine surgery at USA Spine Care as a treatment for their symptoms. The minimally invasive outpatient procedures performed at USA Spine Care offer many advantages versus open spine surgery, including less scarring, shorter recovery times and a lower risk of complication.^

To learn more, contact USA Spine Care today. We’ll also be happy to tell you about our free MRI review* that can help determine whether you’re a candidate for our procedures.

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