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Here are three myths about bulging discs

A bulging disc is a condition where one of the spinal discs, which cushion the vertebrae and allow the spine to bend and flex, becomes unable to hold its shape and bulges out into the spinal column. This is usually related to the natural aging process, which causes the discs to dry and lose elasticity. Since the discs are placed under so much pressure on a daily basis, these changes make them less able to withstand these stresses.

Bulging discs are a very common source of neck or back pain and because of this, there is also a lot of misinformation about this condition. If you are suffering from pain and other symptoms related to this condition, getting factual information can help you be more engaged while you seek long-term relief and a return to a good quality of life.

Facts about these common bulging disc myths

Here is some clarifying information about three things you may have heard about a bulging disc:

  1. You’ll have to live with bulging disc pain for the rest of your life. While a bulging disc is closely related to the natural aging process, which no one can reverse, individual cases of a bulging disc can improve. The goal of treatment is usually to promote spine health, manage symptoms and improve mobility while the progress of the condition is monitored.
  2. Surgery is the only way to treat a bulging disc. While surgery is the only way to directly remove disc material that is putting pressure on nerves in the spine and causing symptoms, there are many effective nonsurgical treatments that can lead to lasting pain relief. Often, a course of conservative options that includes treatments like physical therapy, spinal injections and therapeutic massage can help avoid the need to undergo surgery.
  3. Bulging disc surgery requires a long hospital stay. In the past, traditional open spine surgery would require a large incision that disrupted surrounding tissue and therefore would need hospitalization of one or more nights to monitor a patient. However, due to advances in medical technology and surgical technique, surgeons can now access the spine with a smaller incision and less disruption to surrounding muscles.

Minimally invasive spine surgery at USA Spine Care

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