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What to anticipate for your bulging disc surgery recovery time

Recovery time following bulging disc surgery is a common concern and can sometimes be difficult to anticipate. While there are recovery guidelines for each operation, it is important to remember that people heal differently. There are also a number of other variables that can impact the overall recovery, including the person’s health history and how well the person follows the recovery guidelines and exercises.

Each patient plays a large role in controlling the success of the recovery period, though some aspects of recovery are out of a patient’s hands. Generally, following the recovery guidelines given by your surgeon will help you experience a more successful postoperative recovery. Read on to learn more about the specific guidelines in place as well as the advantages of a shorter recovery period through minimally invasive spine surgery.

General guidelines for your bulging disc recovery

While each recovery period can vary from patient to patient, there are a number of ways that you can potentially reduce your recovery time for a bulging disc and increase your overall comfort level. Here are a few tips:

  • Follow your surgeon’s instructions to the letter. This might seem intuitive, but you never want to do more than you should, even if you’re feeling better than you anticipated. Listen closely to the instructions you are given, and if your surgeon says to avoid lifting groceries, heed his or her advice.
  • Take rehabilitation seriously. Recovery is what you make of it, and physical therapy and rehabilitation will be integral in the days and weeks following your surgery. Attend all of your appointments and work closely with your trainer to facilitate the healing process.
  • Have the right expectations. No matter what type of surgical treatment you schedule, it is always essential that you have the right expectations. Recovering from any surgery, no matter how minimally invasive, takes time and instant results are unlikely.
  • Listen to your body. If you notice that a certain action causes you pain or discomfort during your recovery, you should refrain from doing it. Ignoring your body’s warnings may make your recovery longer and more difficult.

Advantages of a shorter recovery period following minimally invasive spine surgery

At USA Spine Care, we specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery, which offers a safer and effective alternative^ to traditional bulging disc surgery. That’s because our minimally invasive techniques require only small incisions and eliminate the cutting of muscle tissue in the neck and back. To learn more about all of the compelling advantages of our procedures, contact us today.

Our surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, allowing our patients to reduce the hospital-associated costs^ generally associated with traditional open spine surgery. This approach helps minimize the risk of infection to a rate of 0.55 percent, compared to the up to 16 percent national infection rate for hospital patients.^

Additionally, USA Spine Care patients experience shorter recovery times^ in general compared to open spine surgery patients, with 81 percent of our decompression patients returning to work within three months after surgery.^ To find out if you are a potential candidate for our minimally invasive spine surgery, reach out to our dedicated team today and request a no-cost MRI review.*

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