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Finding bulging disc relief

If you are experiencing pain associated with a bulging disc, you may find relief in a number of treatments recommended by doctors and specialists. These treatments can range from rest to surgery, depending on the length and intensity of your symptoms, the kind of pain you are having and to what degree your symptoms interfere with your ability to function in everyday life.

Conservative options for bulging disc relief

Before developing a plan to relieve bulging disc pain, your doctor will likely conduct a physical examination, including movement tests and review of medical history. They might also order diagnostic imagery like a CT scan or an MRI. Once you have been diagnosed with a bulging disc, some of the treatments that could be attempted include rest, physical therapy, lifestyle changes, hot/cold therapy and anti-inflammatory medications.

Additionally, pain can sometimes be relieved with special bulging disc exercises, including stretching and exercises involving the use of a stability ball. These exercises often are aimed at strengthening your muscles and stimulating your body to get more blood, oxygen and nutrients flowing to your spinal tissues, a benefit that can speed up the healing process. These treatments could result in bulging disc symptom relief after a few weeks to a month. Sometimes, if neck or back pain persists or worsens, an epidural steroid injection might be recommended.

When to consider surgery

However, if your bulging disc is still causing pain and discomfort after these methods have not brought relief after a period of weeks or months, surgery could be recommended by your doctor. Traditional bulging disc surgery typically requires a hospital stay, a large incision and a lengthy recovery period.

If your doctor has recommended surgery to treat your bulging disc, you do have an alternative at USA Spine Care. We offer minimally invasive spine surgery that can be performed on an outpatient basis, including:

  • Discectomy
  • Foraminotomy
  • Laminotomy

All of these procedures are designed to offer you bulging disc relief with less risk of complication and a shorter recovery time^ than traditional open spine surgery. Contact USA Spine Care today and we can review your MRI at no cost* to determine if you are a candidate for our minimally invasive spine surgery.

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