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Do you need surgery for a bulging disc?

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a bulging disc and are experiencing symptoms that are making your regular daily activities more challenging, you are probably curious about your treatment options. First, however, you should take some time to learn more about this common degenerative condition.

A bulging disc can develop when constant pressure on the disc causes the gelatinous inner contents of the disc to push against the outer wall. Discs can become brittle and lose water content after years of wear and tear, making them more susceptible to bulges. This is especially true for the discs in the lumbar spine (lower back area), which support much of the body’s weight and are subjected to near-constant bending and twisting. On their own, bulging discs often don’t produce noticeable symptoms. However, when a damaged disc comes in contact with the spinal cord or a nearby nerve root, it can produce painful symptoms.

What are your bulging disc treatment options?

Fortunately, there are a wide range of conservative and alternative treatments that can reduce your symptoms and help you avoid bulging disc surgery. One of the most important options to consider is adjusting your lifestyle to incorporate healthier habits which can help reduce the strain on the affected area of the spine and improve your overall spine health. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Losing excess weight
  • Using better posture
  • Doing supervised stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Avoiding frequent bending and lifting
  • Eliminating alcohol and tobacco use
  • Avoiding high-impact activities

These are just some of the steps you should consider for your treatment regimen if you are hoping to avoid bulging disc surgery. Other options include chiropractic care, pain and anti-inflammatory medications, restorative yoga and massage therapy.

Surgical bulging disc treatment

While many patients find the relief they are looking for after several months of nonsurgical treatment, more severe cases may not respond to these methods and might require bulging disc surgery. If you feel like you’ve run out of options, USA Spine Care can provide a free MRI review* to determine if you are a candidate for our minimally invasive bulging disc surgical procedures, which are a safer and effective alternative to traditional open spine surgery. Contact us today to learn more.

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