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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome | Swimming

Failed back surgery syndrome refers to the condition and symptoms of a patient who has endured an unsuccessful neck or back surgery. It can be frustrating to have continued pain from a spinal condition that wasn’t properly treated or to develop additional symptoms from an issue created by the surgery. If this describes your situation, your physician may suggest you revisit a variety of conservative, non-invasive treatments, and exercise may be one of them. Swimming can be an excellent way to treat FBSS pain, and can also provide additional health benefits.

Benefits of swimming

Using swimming as a treatment method for FBSS can have several benefits, including:

Low-impact exercise – The water helps reduce the Earth’s gravitational pull on the body. This, in turn, can help reduce the impact and pressure exerted on the spine and other joints when exercising, standing or sitting.
Improved blood circulation – Since increased blood flow allows for faster delivery of nutrients to injured areas, in addition to the removal of toxins, improved blood circulation may promote healing.
Relieved muscle tension – Loose muscles may relieve pressure exerted on a pinched spinal cord or nerve root.
Strengthened muscles – Swimming is a type of resistance training, which can help you develop stronger muscles to better support the spine.

Swimming can provide great health benefits to someone experiencing FBSS. However, before starting any new exercise plan, you should always check with your physician.

When exercise is too painful

For some people with failed back surgery syndrome, low-impact exercise such as swimming may be too painful. If other conservative treatments such as physical therapy, pain medication and hot or cold therapy have also failed to provide tangible pain relief, your physician may suggest that you consider another surgery. Before consenting to any operation, you should learn about USA Spine Care and our state-of-the-art procedures that have allowed us to help patients with FBSS and other spinal conditions find relief from neck and back pain. If you’d like to learn more about our minimally invasive procedures, contact USA Spine Care and ask for a review of your MRI or CT scan.

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