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What is ACL Repair & Reconstruction and When to Consider?

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What is ACL repair and reconstruction surgery?

The knee joint has four main ligaments that help join the upper leg to the lower leg while providing flexibility and stability. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) stretches across the front of the knee and connects the thigh bone to the shin bone and enables forward motion. Injuries to the ACL are common, particularly due to sports, because of the stress it is frequently put under.

ACL repair and reconstruction surgery may be recommended for severe tears that are not healing properly and/or not responding to conservative treatments. If you are looking to learn more about this type of procedure, take a few minutes to read this brief and informative guide. We’re here to help and can answer any questions you have or provide additional information about treatment when you get in touch with a USA Spine Care representative.

When to consider ACL repair and reconstruction

Patients experiencing an ACL injury frequently experience a pop in the knee after sudden stops, direction changes or awkward movements. This is often accompanied by pain, swelling and restricted movement. ACL injuries can heal with time, rest and conservative treatments like medication and physical therapy.

If weeks or months of conservative treatment do not allow for a return to normal activities or the injury is worsening, patients may be referred to a surgeon. ACL repair and reconstruction procedures may also be recommended for serious athletes who want to continue playing their sport at a high level.

ACL repair and reconstruction overview

Due to advances in medical technology and surgical technique, surgeons can now perform knee surgery on an outpatient basis. With ACL repair and reconstruction procedures, the surgeon will typically follow these steps:

  • Enter the area through a small incision and use a device called an arthroscope, which is a camera at the end of a thin tube, to see into the joint
  • Remove the damaged portion of the ligament and use other soft tissue, typically part of a tendon, to repair the ligament
  •  Remove all surgical equipment and close the incision

The goal of modern knee procedures is to minimize damage to surrounding tissue, and while patients typically return home on the day of surgery, there is still a recovery period. Patients should carefully follow all rehabilitation guidelines and not resume activities too quickly to reduce the risk of reinjury.

For ACL injury recovery, physical therapy plays a critical role in strengthening the knee, increasing healthy range of motion and restoring function after surgery.

Cost and ACL repair and reconstruction procedures

For patients undergoing ACL reconstruction and/or repair procedures, the cost will depend on factors including the type of procedure and insurance carrier. Medicare does cover medically necessary ACL procedures. USA Spine Care accepts Medicare, most private health insurances, workers’ compensation claims and personal injury cases. A member of our team can answer questions about the cost of treatment.

Learn about ACL procedures at USA Spine Care today

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ACL Repair and Reconstruction "Quick Answers"

Patients who have a torn ACL and opt for reconstruction & repair surgery can expect to have pain at the surgical site and where they had pain prior to surgery. Pain typically subsides in 2-3 weeks but can take up to 6 weeks total. Pain is managed through medication and physical therapy exercises.

Those recovering from torn ACL repair surgery are asked to begin physical therapy almost immediately after surgery. Within 1-2 weeks individuals will see drastic improvements in range of motion and may be walking with the help of crutches, a walker and or knee brace. Within 9-12 months patients realize the full benefits of torn ACL repair.

Torn ACL surgery is typically covered by Medicare and Medicaid for those who qualify. Your physician must deem the procedure medically necessary before Medicare will cover the procedure. Many health insurances also cover ACL surgery. Contact your insurance company for details or contact USA Spine Care and Orthopedics and we will check your coverage.

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