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Spinal injections for sciatica

Sciatica is a general term used to describe any pain or symptoms caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve, often as a result of conditions affecting the lumbar (lower) spine. This group of symptoms can include pain in the lower back, buttocks, legs and feet, as well as numbness or tingling in the leg and foot.

For many patients, the cause of sciatica is a degenerative spine condition that has pressed against the sciatic nerve. In many cases, conservative treatments can be effective in providing relief for these symptoms without the need for surgery. If you are beginning to experience symptoms of sciatica, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to find a treatment option before the pain worsens.

Spinal injections as treatment for sciatica pain

One of the most common forms of pain management for sciatica is a spinal injection. The specific type of injection will vary on the severity of symptoms and the location of the issue causing sciatic nerve compression. A very common type of spinal injection used to treat sciatica is an epidural steroid injection.

During an epidural spinal injection, a physician injects a steroid called cortisone into the epidural region around the affected portion of your spine, and it reduces the inflammation and irritation caused by the pressure on your sciatic nerve. As the inflammation reduces, the symptoms of pain and limited mobility often subside. These injections are given in intervals determined by your physician based on the severity of your pain and your medical history.

Other types of spinal injections used to treat sciatica include:

  • Facet joint injections
  • SI joint injections
  • Trigger point injections

Your doctor or specialist can recommend the best specific injection for your needs.

When to consider spine surgery for the treatment of sciatica

Spinal injections can be effective conservative treatment, but they don’t work for every patient. Surgery can start to become an option if you and your doctor decide that conservative treatments have been exhausted without bringing the relief you need for a good quality of life.

At USA Spine Care, we understand that spine surgery is sometimes an overwhelming and frightening decision. That is why we offer our patients a safer and effective alternative^ to traditional open back procedures with minimally invasive spine surgery. Our minimally invasive decompression and minimally invasive stabilization procedures offer patients a streamlined outpatient experience with a lower risk of complication compared to traditional open back surgery. To learn more, contact our caring and dedicated team today.

We can help you receive a review of your MRI or CT scan, provided at no cost,* to determine if you are a potential candidate for one of our procedures.

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