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Alternative treatment options for the spinal conditions that cause foraminal stenosis

Foraminal stenosis is the narrowing of a passageway that a nerve root in the spine travels through. Treatments for the symptoms of foraminal stenosis typically attempt to address the spinal condition which is actually causing the canal to narrow. Many different types of degenerative spine conditions can cause an opening along the vertebral canal to narrow, including herniated discs, bone spurs and osteoarthritis. Treatment options for these conditions can range from over-the-counter medications to spinal injections, and many patients also try the alternative and/or complementary treatment methods described below to relieve their symptoms.

Examples of alternative treatments for foraminal stenosis

As mentioned above, several different spinal conditions can cause foraminal stenosis. Therefore, there is a range of alternative treatments available. Some of the most common alternative treatments for neck and back pain caused by foraminal stenosis include yoga, acupuncture, acupressure, supplements, chiropractic care, massage therapy and postural therapy.

  • Yoga is a practice that involves a variety of movements that strengthen and stretch the body and help to improve balance
  • Acupuncture involves going to an acupuncturist who inserts thin needles into various points of the body to release built-up chi or energy
  • Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, except the practitioner uses fingers, elbows and hands instead of needles to apply pressure
  • Herbal supplements are used to reduce tissue inflammation, which can relieve pain
  • Chiropractic care, massage therapy and postural therapy are a set of interrelated disciplines that attempt to relieve pressure on the spine through various lifestyle interventions and direct physical manipulation of the spine

While any of the above alternative treatments can provide temporary relief for symptoms like pain, numbness, muscle weakness and tingling, alternative treatments may not offer a permanent solution for the underlying problems.

Surgery for foraminal stenosis

After patients have attempted alternative treatments to relieve the symptoms of foraminal stenosis for several months without success, surgery may be the next logical step. Patients are advised to explore the many different surgical approaches available for their condition. Foraminal stenosis surgery may include the removal of damaged discs (discectomy), removal of bone spurs and spinal fusion. USA Spine Care offers safer and effective alternatives to traditional open neck and back surgery.^ Contact us today to learn more.

USA Spine Care is the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery and has helped more than 75,000 patients find relief from chronic neck or back pain. Performed through a small incision, our expert surgeons are able to avoid unnecessarily cutting through the muscles surrounding the spine. This careful technique helps to reduce the recovery time and risk of complication compared to traditional open neck or back surgery.^

To find out if you are a potential candidate for our minimally invasive procedures, reach out USA Spine Care today and ask for a no-cost MRI review.* We can help get you back to the activities you have been missing out on.

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