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Who is most likely to suffer from foraminal narrowing?

Anyone can develop foraminal narrowing — a condition in which the passageways for spinal nerve roots become increasingly smaller over time. However, there are several factors that can bring about foraminal narrowing, as well as certain groups of people who are more likely to develop it than others.

The people who are most likely to develop foraminal narrowing include:

  • Those who have been diagnosed with other degenerative spine conditions, such as spondylolisthesis or facet disease
  • Those who participate in high-impact sports, which can increase the likelihood of spinal damage and injuries
  • Those who carry excess body weight, which causes the spine to sustain a higher-than-average amount of wear and tear

What causes foraminal narrowing?

Foraminal narrowing often develops as a result of another spine condition. Most cases are caused by a displaced piece of bone or tissue that presses against the spine, which in turn can block the small openings between vertebrae. Because sensitive nerve roots pass through these openings, any blockage can lead to nerve compression, which can cause pain signals to be sent throughout the body.

Foraminal narrowing treatment options

There are quite a few options for relieving the symptoms of foraminal narrowing, including physical therapy, pain relievers and hot/cold therapy. However, if the spinal openings need to be widened in order to decompress the nerves, surgery is the only way to accomplish this.

At USA Spine Care, we offer a safer and effective alternative to traditional open back surgery.^ Our minimally invasive procedures are performed using muscle-sparing techniques to access the spine. If you’re dealing with the symptoms of foraminal narrowing, you can contact us for more information about our procedures. We’ll be happy to review* your MRI for free and help you find out if you’re a candidate for our outpatient treatments.

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