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USA Spine Care treatment options for foraminal narrowing

USA Spine Care provides many treatment options for foraminal narrowing in the neck or back. Our highly skilled surgical team specializes in a range of outpatient procedures that are a safer and effective alternative to traditional open spine surgery.^ Rather than undergo a highly invasive traditional open spine surgery that requires several days of hospitalization, reach out to USA Spine Care to learn about our treatment options for foraminal narrowing.

What is foraminal narrowing?

The foramina are openings in the spinal column that allow nerves to exit the spinal column and send sensory and motor information between the brain and body. Foraminal narrowing typically occurs due to a degenerative spine condition that causes one or more of these passages to become narrowed by bone or soft tissue. When one of the nerve roots becomes irritated or compressed, it can affect the nerve’s ability to do its job and the body will typically respond with painful symptoms. This can occur at either the source of the constriction or somewhere along the nerve’s path.

Treating foraminal narrowing with minimally invasive spine surgery

While conservative nonsurgical treatments can often manage the symptoms of foraminal narrowing, surgery is sometimes recommended when the pain, tingling, muscle weakness and numbness does not respond to other treatments after a period of weeks or months. At USA Spine Care, we provide a number of procedures that may be recommended depending on the patient’s diagnosis. Two examples include:

  • Foraminotomy. This procedure is designed to open up space in the foramina and relieve nerve compression by removing the spinal anatomy that is causing the narrowing.
  • Minimally invasive stabilization. More advanced cases of foraminal narrowing can be caused by a severely damaged disc that requires removal and placement of stabilizing material into the disc space. Our minimally invasive spine stabilization procedures are an outpatient alternative to traditional open spinal fusion.

To learn more about the treatment options we offer at USA Spine Care for foraminal narrowing, contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide a no-cost MRI or CT scan review* to help you determine if you are a potential candidate for one of our procedures.

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