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Ways to sleep better when dealing with cervical foraminal narrowing

Cervical foraminal narrowing is a spinal condition that can cause pain and other symptoms in the cervical (neck) area. While conservative treatments may help you find the relief you need during the day, getting a comfortable night’s rest may be a different story. If you’re having trouble sleeping due to your neck pain, you may find it worthwhile to explore some different options.

Ways to adjust your sleep position and improve your comfort

Here are four ways you may be able get better sleep if neck pain from cervical foraminal narrowing is keeping you up at night:

  1. Try elevation. You may find that using an adjustable bed, propping yourself up with pillows or sleeping in a recliner to keep your head and neck elevated is more comfortable.
  2. Add pillows. If you sleep on your side, try adding a pillow between your knees. If you sleep on your stomach, try moving your pillow under your abdomen. Slight adjustments like these can help keep the spine relaxed and aligned for more comfort while sleeping.
  3. Explore mattress options. Finding the right mattress may make a world of difference in your comfort. Finding a mattress that’s not too hard or soft will help you minimize your neck or back pain by providing the right level of support.
  4. Support your neck. Similarly to choosing your mattress carefully, finding a pillow that supports your head without craning your neck can enhance your comfort. If you’re on the go, a travel pillow can also help provide neck support while you nap.

What to do if conservative treatments and lifestyle adjustments are not enough

Minimally invasive spine surgery to address the underlying cause of your cervical foraminal narrowing may be your best option if symptoms persist or worsen over a matter of weeks or months. The board-certified surgeons+ at USA Spine Care specialize in performing outpatient spinal procedures to treat patients with foraminal narrowing and a wide range of other spine conditions. To help determine if you are a candidate for one of our procedures, we offer a free MRI review.* Contact us today to learn more.

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