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Four things to consider before disc protrusion surgery

The decision to have disc protrusion surgery is not one that should be made lightly. Before you undergo any procedure, you should consult with your physician and family members. While only you can decide if surgery is the right option for you, these individuals can help provide you with a new perspective and may raise questions or concerns that you had not thought of previously.

Is disc protrusion surgery the right choice for me?

If you are considering having disc protrusion surgery but aren’t sure if it is right for you, here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Have I exhausted all other treatment options? Disc protrusion surgery is rarely the first step in a patient’s treatment plan. Before you subject yourself to surgery, be sure that you have tried all appropriate nonsurgical treatments.
  2. Have I gotten a second opinion? It is never a bad idea to get a second opinion from a new physician. He or she will be able to look at your case with fresh eyes and may have new ideas about how to treat your disc protrusion without surgery.
  3. Will my surgery be performed at a well-known facility by an experienced surgeon? If you do indeed undergo surgery, it is imperative that an experienced surgeon performs your procedure at a reputable facility. Don’t be afraid to ask your surgeon about his or her experience performing the operation you will be having.
  4. Are there minimally invasive options available to me? Often, minimally invasive spine surgeries offer shorter recovery times and less risk of complication than traditional open spine procedures.^ Be sure to ask your physician about minimally invasive surgical options.

Disc protrusion surgery at USA Spine Care

If it turns out that disc protrusion surgery is, in fact, right for you, contact USA Spine Care for information on our minimally invasive outpatient surgery. Our procedures boast numerous advantages compared to traditional open spine surgery, including reduced risk of infection and complications as well as a shorter recovery time.^ A member of our team will be pleased to answer your questions and help determine of you are a candidate for our procedures.

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