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USA Spine Care treatment options for disc protrusion

At USA Spine Care, we offer surgical treatment for patients with spinal disc protrusions in their neck or back. If conservative methods have not provided the relief necessary for a return to everyday activities, our minimally invasive spine surgery is a safer and effective treatment compared to traditional open spine procedures.^

We want to help you make an informed, educated treatment decision with the best chance of returning you to a healthy, active lifestyle. The following information is intended to give a better understanding of a disc protrusion as well as the procedures performed by our board-certified surgeons+ that can help with this condition.

Understanding a disc protrusion

A disc protrusion happens when a disc expands beyond its normal boundary in the spinal column. This condition isn’t always painful and many people experience disc protrusions without knowing they have a problem. Symptoms usually occur when the protruded disc comes into contact with a nerve in the surrounding area. Protruding discs may further deteriorate into bulging or herniated discs if the cause of the problem is related to natural spinal degeneration.

Minimally invasive procedures to treat a disc protrusion

Effective treatment of disc protrusion depends on correctly diagnosing the issue and developing a comprehensive plan to treat the condition that takes age, medical history and lifestyle into account. For some patients that can eventually mean surgery, but it doesn’t have to mean a highly invasive, hospital-based procedure with a long recovery time.

At USA Spine Care, we have several potential treatment options that may be recommended by our medical team, including:

  • Discectomy — to remove part of the protruding disc that is causing nerve compression and painful symptoms
  • Laminotomy — involves the removal of the lamina near the top of the vertebral arch, which takes pressure off the spinal canal
  • Foraminotomy — to open up the foramina, which are openings where the nerve roots exit the spinal canal
  • Minimally invasive stabilization — involves inserting a stabilizing implant into the space between surrounding vertebrae in cases where full disc removal is required

Each procedure we offer at USA Spine Care is conducted on an outpatient basis and involves less risk of complications when compared to traditional open spine surgery.

To learn more, contact us today and request a no-cost review of your recent MRI report or CT scan* to see if you may be a candidate for surgery.

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