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Five canal stenosis treatment options that are not commonly prescribed by a doctor

Whether you’re just getting started with canal stenosis treatment or have spent the last several months exploring a wide range of conventional options, there may be a number of complementary and alternative therapies that you have yet to try. These options aren’t yet part of the traditional approach, considering that clinical trials to study their long-term outcomes are still underway, but many individuals have found them beneficial enough to use as part of their comprehensive treatment plans.

Alternative therapies are best used to complement traditional ones

It’s typically quite easy to include one or more of these options in your multi-specialty canal stenosis treatment plan, especially with the guidance of a physician or orthopedic specialist. He or she will likely advise you to use them as a complement to — not a replacement for — traditional treatments such as medication or physical therapy.

Five of the canal stenosis treatment options that you may wish to consider include:

  1. Therapeutic massage
  2. Chiropractic care
  3. Yoga
  4. Acupuncture
  5. Herbal supplements

The potential benefits of alternative therapies

As with conventional treatments, alternative therapies each have their own set of potential benefits, which can range from valuable short-term pain relief to a better range of motion and enhanced circulation. However, like traditional nonsurgical treatments, these options only address the symptoms of canal stenosis, rather than treating it on a more permanent basis. To directly address the narrowing itself, surgical treatment is necessary.

If conventional and alternative canal stenosis treatments don’t produce the desired results, surgery may become a potential option. At USA Spine Care, we perform thousands of minimally invasive spine surgeries each year. To learn more about the surgical procedures that we offer for canal stenosis treatment, contact us today.

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