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Aging is a primary cause of canal stenosis

The most common underlying spinal canal stenosis causes are associated with the natural aging process. Stenosis occurs when the tightly constructed spinal canal is narrowed by displaced spinal anatomy. Some degree of spinal narrowing happens to us all over time, but it can be painful and debilitating if it leads to compression of a spinal nerve.

If your life is being affected by pain related to a spine condition, educating yourself is a great first step in getting back to the people and things you love to do. While aging is unavoidable, it is possible to find lasting relief for spinal canal stenosis. The following information can help as you work to develop a treatment plan to get you back to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Age-related conditions that cause canal stenosis

Although factors like injury, weight and genetics can all contribute to the conditions that cause canal stenosis, the natural aging process is often the primary cause. That’s because with age, the parts of the spine, especially the discs and joints, become dry and brittle. This makes them more vulnerable to the stresses of everyday activity and can eventually lead to conditions that constrict the spinal canal.

These degenerative conditions include:

Patients are usually diagnosed with canal stenosis after experiencing symptoms like local pain as well as shooting pain, tingling, numbness and muscle weakness.

Treatment options for canal stenosis

A doctor or specialist will usually first attempt to treat age-related canal stenosis with conservative methods. This can include anti-inflammatory drugs, heating pads, ice packs, massage and light exercise. However, sometimes surgical intervention is necessary to treat age-related canal stenosis causes and symptoms.

Older patients especially can be intimidated by the prospect of an invasive traditional open spine surgery. That is why USA Spine Care offers minimally invasive spine surgery as an alternative. Our team of board-certified surgeons+ use muscle-sparing techniques to access the spine, resulting in an outpatient procedure.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of our procedures and find out if you’re a candidate, contact our team today for a no-cost MRI review.*

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