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Foraminal Stenosis Articles

What Is Left Neural Foraminal Stenosis?
Left neural foraminal stenosis is a condition that develops when a spinal nerve root opening on the left side of the spinal column becomes narrowed. Nerves branch out from the spinal canal through small openings between the vertebrae called foramina. These already narrow openings can become easily constricted...

Foraminal Stenosis Treatment — Chiropractic Adjustments
Foraminal stenosis is a condition that describes the narrowing of the foramina — the canals through which spinal nerve roots branch off the spinal cord and exit the spinal canal. Typically, this condition develops as a result of another spine condition that has protruded into the spinal canal and is...

Can Foraminal Stenosis Develop from Wearing High Heels?
Foraminal stenosis is a spinal nerve condition that can occur when parts of the spine block or reduce space in one or more foramina. The spinal foramina are the passageways through which nerve roots branching off from the spinal cord exit the spinal column on their way to serving specific areas of the...

Treating Foraminal Stenosis with Herbal Supplements
Foraminal stenosis describes the narrowing of one or more foramina — passageways that allows nerve roots to exit out of the spinal canal. It is often prompted by the development of a degenerative spine condition that has caused a component of the spine to move out of alignment and reduce the space...

Foraminal Stenosis Caused by Truck Driving
The foraminal canal in the spine is a pathway for the nerve roots to exit the spinal cord. If a degenerative spine condition develops, causing a disc or vertebra to become damaged and protrude into the foraminal canal, foraminal stenosis develops. Foraminal stenosis simply refers to the narrowing of...

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