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Dr. Keith Girton: Dedicated to Exceptional Patient Care

Orthopedic surgeon Keith Girton, M.D. is passionate about helping patients find lasting relief from chronic pain. Working for USA Spine Care in Cincinnati, Dr. Girton, a native Ohian, strongly believes in a patient-centered approach to pain management that aligns with the long-term treatment goals of the people he helps. For our entire team, it’s all about giving the same level of care that any one of us would want to receive.

With his extensive surgical background and focus building trust and relationships with his patients, Dr. Girton exemplifies this philosophy. Take a moment to read the following overview for a better understanding of our vision for taking care of patients at USA Spine Care & Orthopedics. We welcome you to reach out with any questions or to learn how to book an appointment. Our caring and dedicated staff is here for you.

Dr. Girton Brings Extensive Experience to Orthopedic Surgery and Pain Management

Dr. Girton began his surgical career after finishing his residency in orthopedic surgery in Ft. Worth, Texas. An Air Force veteran, Dr. Girton began his practice as an orthopedic surgeon at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. During this time he also first became a board-certified surgeon.

He later joined a nationally leading minimally invasive spine surgery provider, where he practiced primarily in the Philadelphia area. During this time, Dr. Girton was recognized in the ‘Top Docs’ edition of Philadelphia Magazine. He was also proud to be awarded Most Valuable Surgeon for Laser Spine Institute’s seven national facilities in 2013.

The importance of patient-Centered care for Dr. Girton

Patient-centered care is the simple, yet powerful notion that medical care needs to revolve around treating the whole person. More traditional approaches to patient care are built around diagnosing an illness or condition in isolation and providing treatment that takes a very narrow scope. With a patient-centered model, health care providers look at not only the specific cause of symptoms or illness, but how it affects the patient’s life.

Patient-centered care also aims to work bilaterally with patients to educate them about their health and help them feel more engaged with the process. A large number of people describe feeling like they receive impersonalized treatment when receiving medical care from larger facilities and institutions. Dr. Girton and USA Spine Care are truly committed to delivering patient-centered care. This takes a very wide range of forms: from creating inviting and comfortable clinical and surgical spaces, to extensive patient education efforts that ensure everyone who comes to us seeking relief fully understands their condition and treatment options.

Dr. Girton’s philosophy on pain management and orthopedic surgery

Dr. Girton’s approach to minimally invasive orthopedic surgery and dedication to advanced techniques is a significant reflection of his dedication to whole person care. Spine surgery and other orthopedic procedures can become necessary for patients dealing with severe neck and back pain, often caused by degenerative conditions. However, it is generally seen as a last-resort treatment that should be explored after other options have been exhausted. People who become candidates for orthopedic surgery should fully attempt nonsurgical treatment options and adopt any recommended lifestyle changes, from weight management to nutritional counseling. Anyone who comes to USA Spine Care and Dr. Girton seeking pain management and lasting relief should expect an extensive and collaborative discussion about where they are in the treatment journey.

When recommended, outpatient orthopedic surgery is a response to traditional orthopedic procedures that offers several advantages. Traditional procedures involve large incisions to access the surgical area and perform the operation. However, the advent of specialized minimally invasive techniques enables surgeons to perform a wide range of orthopedic surgeries with reduced soft tissue disruption.

Dr. Girton also understands the essential nature of a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management. For example, physical therapy plays a key role both before and after surgery. Patients who work with a physical therapist can improve their overall function by developing a stronger and more flexible body. When a patient commits to physical therapy before orthopedic  surgery, it can help him or her be better prepared for the recovery process.

A multidisciplinary approach that includes minimally invasive surgery can help patients from all walks of life and backgrounds. People, regardless of age, can be considered candidates for outpatient orthopedic surgery surgery as long as they pass a medical evaluation. At our state-of-the-art outpatient surgery centers, patients undergoing minimally invasive spine surgery encounter reduced risk of complication, a shorter recovery period and improved outcome potential.

Call USA Spine Care to Learn About Outpatient orthopedic surgery Surgery

If chronic pain related to a spine or orthopedic condition is keeping you from being active and enjoying time with the people you love, multidisciplinary pain management, including outpatient spine surgery may be an option. At USA Spine Care, Dr. Girton and our entire highly experienced team are here to make you confident and informed while you start your journey toward relief and getting back to a healthy and active lifestyle. During your entire patient journey with us, we’ll be here to deliver the highest level of exceptional patient care.

To learn more about our full range of treatment options and to book an appointment, contact USA Spine Care and join the growing number of people who have found the lasting relief they deserve.

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