Still unsure about spine surgery?

Our Relief Confirmation Test may be for you

Relief Confirmation Test

Still suffering from the painful symptoms of chronic neck or back pain? Not sure if minimally invasive spine surgery is the right option for you? USA Spine Care offers a diagnostic test that could help make your decision that much easier.

Our Relief Confirmation Test is a simple diagnostic test that temporarily numbs the nerves causing your pain to help determine if relief is possible before you commit to surgery. Also known as a selective nerve root block or SNRB, this test can help identify which level of the spine your pain is coming from. This test is available at USA Spine Care facilities including Scottsdale and Tampa.

Here’s how the Relief Confirmation Test can help you:

  • Allows you to experience temporary relief to determine if surgery could benefit you
  • Helps determine which level of your spine the pain is coming from

While other surgeons may determine if a procedure is necessary simply by reviewing a patient’s images, USA Spine Care takes diagnosing spine conditions one step further. By using the Relief Confirmation Test to identify the level that is causing painful symptoms, our skilled surgeons can use that information to create a targeted surgical plan for each patient.

Though not all patients require this test to determine their level of pain, it can be beneficial in diagnosing conditions that appear to affect multiple levels of the spine. To be considered for the Relief Confirmation Test, all patients must first schedule a consultation and undergo a diagnostic evaluation to see if this test is right for them.

Want to learn more? Contact USA Spine Care today and find out how the Relief Confirmation Test can help you take the next step towards relief.

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