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Understanding our billing process

Our commitment to helping our patients doesn’t end after surgery. That’s because USA Spine Care believes every patient has the right to know what to expect once his or her surgery is complete, including how our billing process works. Our goal is to provide patients with the information they need to understand medical billing and what estimated spine surgery costs they will be responsible for. And it’s why we employ a dedicated team of Recovery Care Consultants to help you navigate this next part of your journey with us — your patient statement.

What to expect

  • Every 30 days, you could receive a billing statement from USA Spine Care, which will include your back surgery cost. It will be sent once all claims have been processed.
  • Your patient responsibility may change depending on two factors: the amount the insurance provider has paid to us and the payments your insurance company may have sent you that were intended to pay for our services.
  • Financing options are available to help pay your patient responsibility. To learn about them, call your Recovery Care Consultant.

What to look for on your statement

Once you receive a billing statement from USA Spine Care, review it to make sure all information is accurate. Here are a few areas to pay close attention to:

  • Date and description of the service received
  • Total amount billed for each item
  • Adjustments made for insurance, as balance may change from statement to statement
  • Patient responsibility for payment to USA Spine Care
At USA Spine Care we are here to help you navigate your patient statement. Although different for everyone, this is an example of a billing statement patients may expect to see.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Q: What about the money I paid before surgery?
A: The payment you made at the time of surgery has already been applied toward your patient responsibility. The remaining balance reflects any deductible, coinsurance or copayment amounts that exceed the money paid up front.

Q: Is my patient balance all that I owe to USA Spine Care?
A: It depends, there may still be some items pending with your insurance provider. Please refer to the “insurance balance” column of your statement to see what is still being reviewed. When your insurance company reviews and processes the claims, they may identify additional patient responsibility based on your plan’s coverage.

Q: What do some codes appear twice on my statement?
A: USA Spine Care’s services are broken down into two categories. There is a professional side which includes the charges billed for the surgeons performing the procedures and the support staff. There is also the facility side which includes the use of the actual surgical room and supplies, however, the codes that are billed are the same.

Who to call for assistance
USA Spine Care has a dedicated team of Recovery Care consultants, with the knowledge and expertise to answer questions about your patient statement, insurance coverage and financing options. Call , extension 8956 today and speak with a compassionate and caring teammate.

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