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USA Spine Care seminars — learn about treatments available to you

If you are still searching for answers about the treatment options available for your spinal condition, we invite you to join us at one of our upcoming seminars. Every month, USA Spine Care hosts seminars at our surgery centers across the country. These seminars serve to provide you with information about spinal conditions and the minimally invasive procedures we offer to help relieve the neck and back pain associated with each condition. You will have the opportunity to ask one of our surgeons or consultants any questions you have about your pain, condition and treatment options you are considering.

One of our goals at USA Spine Care is to help make health care convenient and accessible to all people. For that reason, we also offer online webinars for prospective patients who are unable to travel to one of our seminars. Our webinars are hosted by one of our physicians at our Tampa location. You will have the opportunity to interact with the webinar and the physician questions about your condition and treatment options.

Please view the schedule below to find the seminar closest to your location.

Upcoming seminars

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What to expect during a USA Spine Care seminar

Before you attend one of our seminars, please review the following items to ensure that you receive the most benefit from your time with us:

  • You will have the opportunity to review your medical condition briefly with the Consult Physician hosting the seminar, if you wish. The review will be confidential and occur immediately after the seminar. Attendees who want to meet with one of our specialists MUST bring a copy of their most recent MRI or CT scan for review.
  • If the attendee desires, a Patient Empowerment Consultant will be available after the seminar to answer questions about insurance and help explain what you could expect during the patient experience at USA Spine Care.
  • Each seminar will be hosted by a Consult Physician. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about your condition and the treatment options available. Additionally, if you need a second opinion on your MRI or CT scan, be sure to bring a copy and meet with one of our specialists immediately after the seminar.
  • We hope that you will continue to research the treatment options available to help relieve the pain of your spinal condition. If you are unable to attend one of our seminars, we encourage you to view a webinar and take the opportunity to learn what USA Spine Care can do to help you alleviate your chronic neck or back pain.
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