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Ten common facet disease treatments for relief

Facet disease is a condition that describes the degeneration or arthritis of facet joints, which afford range of motion and flexibility to the spine, allowing it to bend and twist. When this condition develops, motions such as bending, twisting, lifting or even looking at the computer screen can become difficult. If you are experiencing symptoms, the conservative facet disease treatments described below can help ease your pain and discomfort, allowing you to recapture your life from this debilitating condition.

Conservative facet disease treatments

Typically, it is common for your doctor to suggest the following conservative facet disease treatments prior to surgical intervention:

  1. Pain medications
  2. Anti-inflammatories
  3. Muscle relaxants
  4. Physical therapy
  5. Low-impact exercises
  6. Chiropractic care
  7. Acupuncture
  8. Cortisone injections
  9. Traction therapy
  10. Hot and cold therapy

Surgical facet disease treatments

If several weeks or months of conservative facet disease treatments are not effective in relieving your symptoms, then it may be time to consider a surgical route. As you research the types of surgery available to you, we encourage you to contact USA Spine Care to learn about our safer and effective alternatives to traditional open spine surgery.^ We have helped thousands of patients find lasting relief from chronic neck or back pain, earning us a patient satisfaction score of 98.^

In order to treat facet disease, our board-certified surgeons+ use a small incision, which does not unnecessarily disrupt the muscles or ligaments surrounding the spine, to perform a facet thermal ablation, most often done in conjunction with a decompression procedure. During this procedure, the swelling and inflammation will be removed from the facet joint and the nerve will be deadened to relieve the pain.

Compared to traditional open spine surgery, our procedures offer patients a shorter recovery period and a lower risk of complication,^ allowing them to quickly get back to the activities they have been missing out on. To find out if our minimally invasive spine surgery would be effective for you, reach out to our dedicated team today. We offer a free MRI review* to determine if you are a potential candidate for our facet disease treatment.

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