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Four benefits of doing yoga with facet disease

Yoga is one of the most popular alternative treatment options for those suffering from chronic pain caused by facet disease (also known as spinal osteoarthritis). When used in combination with other conservative approaches, such as over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, massage therapy and lifestyle changes, yoga helps many patients effectively manage their symptoms without the need for surgery.

A few of the benefits yoga can provide for those suffering from facet disease include:

  • Improved muscle strength. Holding yoga positions can tone and strengthen the muscles in your neck, back and core, all of which work together to keep your spine in proper alignment. When the muscles surrounding the spine are strong, it reduces the likelihood of further injuries that may exacerbate your condition. What’s more, strong muscles make it easier to maintain proper, upright posture, a critical factor for those trying to minimize the effects of spinal osteoarthritis.
  • Increased flexibility. The exercises included in a yoga practice require some muscles to flex while others stretch. This combination makes tendons in the lower back and legs more limber, increasing the range of motion of the pelvis. Stretching also elongates the spine and temporarily takes pressure off compressed joints and nerves.
  • Better balance. Yoga is a constant balancing act. By teaching participants how to better control the motion of their bodies, it improves confidence and increases awareness of the position of the head, shoulders and pelvis in relation to one another, making it easier to keep the torso in proper alignment.
  • Better breath control. The deep and rhythmic breathing practiced during yoga sessions has been shown to induce a sense of calm while elevating a participant’s mood. Studies have suggested that stress can intensify back pain. Proper breath control may be a viable method for relieving tension and reducing back discomfort.

If you have been diagnosed with facet disease and would like to learn more about available treatment options, including minimally invasive surgery, contact USA Spine Care today. We will be happy to discuss your condition and help you determine if you might be a candidate for our outpatient procedures.

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