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Ways yoga can help with cervical facet disease pain

Cervical facet disease can cause pain, stiffness and other symptoms in the neck area (cervical region) of the spine. If you’ve been diagnosed with this facet disease, which is also known as spinal osteoarthritis, you’ll want to learn about all of the treatment options available that can help to alleviate your symptoms. In addition to more traditional approaches, including medications, steroid injections and lifestyle changes, yoga is a popular alternative treatment that many individuals dealing with cervical facet disease pain choose to explore.

Yoga benefits for patients with cervical facet disease

Yoga offers many benefits for individuals with spine problems. Whether your pain is caused by cervical facet disease or another spinal condition, you may find that yoga helps relieve pain by:

  1. Strengthening muscles. Strengthening the muscles that surround the spine can help to support the spine and protect it from further deterioration or injury.
  2. Improving flexibility. Flexibility in the spine and surrounding muscles is essential for range of motion, helping make movements easier and less painful.
  3. Lengthening the spine. Certain yoga stretches focus on lengthening the spine, which can alleviate pressure on a joint or a pinched nerve to provide some pain relief.
  4. Promoting better posture. The combination of strengthening and stretching the neck and back can help you improve your posture both on and off the yoga mat. Proper posture helps keep the spine healthy and protected.
  5. Increasing relaxation. Along with learning different poses and stretches, yoga is a great way to learn breath control to help you reduce stress and increase relaxation.

Treatment at USA Spine Care

Although many individuals are able to find adequate symptom relief through a combination of yoga and other conservative treatments, some patients with more severe symptoms may eventually need to consider surgery. At USA Spine Care, our board-certified surgeons+ specialize in minimally invasive surgery to treat a variety of spinal conditions. If you are dealing with symptoms of cervical facet disease and would like to find out if you’re a candidate for one of our outpatient procedures, we can provide you with a free MRI review* to get you started.

For more information on the conditions we treat and the benefits of our minimally invasive procedures, contactUSA Spine Care today.

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