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Five popular holistic approaches to treatment for individuals with facet disease

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of facet disease, you’ll want to know what all of your treatment options are. Facet disease is a spinal condition in which the facet joints (formed by the vertebrae) wear down from years of wear and tear. This form of osteoarthritis can cause symptoms that interfere with your normal routines, including pain, stiffness, throbbing, locking joints and curvature of the spine. For individuals experiencing any symptoms associated with facet disease, there are a variety of treatment options available.

Exploring holistic treatments for facet disease

Your physician will likely recommend several conservative treatments, such as taking pain and anti-inflammatory medications and getting regular exercise, to help manage symptoms of facet disease. Additionally, there are several holistic facet disease treatment options that you may be interested in exploring as a supplement. Some of the most popular options include:

  1. Chiropractic care. A licensed chiropractor can perform spinal manipulation to help improve mobility and flexibility in the spine. Chiropractic manipulation can also help relieve joint pain, stress and tension for symptom relief and general wellbeing.
  2. Nutritional and herbal therapies. Having a nutritious diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods will contribute to overall health. Certain herbal remedies or supplements can also reduce inflammation to aid with facet disease symptom relief.
  3. Acupuncture and acupressure. Acupuncture uses needles at specific points, called meridians, along the body to help relieve pain. Similarly, acupressure uses physical pressure instead of needles at these points to produce the same effects.
  4. Mind-body exercise. Staying active with low-impact exercises is an important component in facet disease treatment, as movement can help reduce symptoms. Choosing a mind-body exercise, such as yoga or tai chi, can also help to reduce stress and focus the mind away from facet disease pain.
  5. Massage therapy. The muscles surrounding the damaged facet joints may become tense or develop spasms. Therapeutic massage can be used as a facet disease treatment to relax these muscles and increase blood flow.

Finding the right treatment for you

Finding the combination of facet disease treatment options that best fits your needs may take some time and experimentation. In many cases, individuals with facet disease symptoms are able to find adequate relief using conservative and holistic approaches. For those who are still dealing with symptoms even after months of trying nonsurgical treatments, surgery may need to be considered as a next step.

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