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Degenerative disc disease conservative and surgical treatments

Degenerative disc disease is a condition that describes the age-related deterioration of our spinal discs. Over time, the discs in the spine that normally function as shock absorbers begin to narrow, shrink or become arthritic. This degeneration also causes the disc to lose its cushioning capabilities as well as its fluid or water content, allowing for less elasticity.

If degenerative disc disease causes a nerve root or spinal cord to become pinched, symptoms can develop at the site of compression, like shooting pain, numbness, muscle weakness, tingling and cramping. To learn about the variety of options that can be done to treat this common condition, read the following article.

Conservative degenerative disc disease treatments

Degenerative disc disease can typically be treated through a conservative treatment regimen, including:

  • Weight management
  • Low-impact exercises, such as walking, swimming or biking
  • Reduced impact on the spine
  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Core strengthening exercises
  • Avoiding high-impact activities like running or jumping
  • Reduced heavy lifting

However, if you have yet to find adequate relief from your degenerative disc disease symptoms after several weeks or months, then you may require surgery.

Degenerative disc disease surgery

At USA Spine Care, our minimally invasive procedures are a clinically appropriate alternative to open neck or back surgery.^ We use small incisions that are muscle sparing, allowing for a lower risk of complication and shorter recovery period compared to traditional open spine procedures.^ To learn more about the advantages of our degenerative disc disease procedures, contact our dedicated team today.

As the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, USA Spine Care has performed more than 75,000 patient procedures since 2005. To treat a bulging disc, our board-certified+ surgeons use a minimally invasive discectomy to remove part of the damaged disc that is compressing the nerve. If the condition is more severe, a stabilization surgery may be used to remove all of the damaged discs and insert an artificial disc in its place.

To learn if you are a potential candidate for the outpatient degenerative disc disease surgery performed at USA Spine Care, reach out to us today and ask for a free MRI review.* We can help you recapture your quality of life from this debilitating condition.

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