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Naturopathic alternatives to spine surgery for spinal arthritis

Many people with arthritis of the spine are able to manage their symptoms without surgery. Some take a traditional approach, using pain-relief medications, exercises and spinal injections to alleviate their discomfort. Others prefer a more natural approach, focusing on complementary therapies and natural supplements instead.

Naturopathic treatments for back pain

Naturopathic medicine is designed to address the whole patient — not just provide a short-term reprieve from pain. That’s why most naturopathic treatments for arthritis can provide a wide range of benefits. For instance:

  • Yoga can help alleviate stress, promote relaxation and improve flexibility.
  • Acupuncture can restore the proper balance of energy throughout the body.
  • Chiropractic adjustments can improve balance and joint function.

All three of these options can also help people with spinal arthritis reduce the severity of their pain. Because these therapies are natural, they aren’t likely to produce any major side effects or lead to dependency issues. And, they can be used as often as necessary. Some people, for example, practice yoga every day and see a chiropractor once a week. In contrast, many traditional arthritis treatments such as injections and prescription painkillers have limits on how frequently they can be used.

Minimally invasive surgery for spinal arthritis

While naturopathic treatments have a number of benefits, they aren’t always enough to manage severe, persistent arthritis symptoms. Some individuals who were initially committed to holistic methods eventually decide that surgery is the best course of action to improve their quality of life.

One thing to keep in mind is that some orthopedic surgeons perform minimally invasive surgery for arthritis of the spine, offering certain individuals alternatives to open operations. Because minimally invasive procedures usually involve small incisions and muscle-sparing techniques, they can be less traumatic on the body than open spine operations.

As the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, USA Spine Care can help you with a free MRI review* to find out if you’re a candidate for our outpatient procedures. We know how challenging it can be to determine what treatments are best, and our team is here to help you make the right choices for your unique needs. If you’d like to learn more about our approach to arthritis of the spine surgery, contact us today.

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