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Four tips for walking with arthritis of the spine

Arthritis of the spine, commonly referred to as osteoarthritis of the spine, is a condition in which the spinal joints deteriorate and become inflamed. This condition can cause pain and stiffness around the affected area and, in serious cases, can lead to weakness or numbness in the arms and legs. This can make even everyday activities such as walking difficult and painful.

However, walking is an integral part of everyday life for many people, and the health benefits of walking should not be overlooked. If you have been having difficulty walking due to your arthritis of the spine, here are four tips to get you moving comfortably:

  • Stretch before and after walking. Taking the time to adequately warm up your muscles and body before walking can decrease your chance of pain and injury. Stretching after you walk can also help to eliminate any muscle soreness and prevent your muscles from feeling tight shortly after your walk.
  • Start small. While going out for an hour walk may sound like a good idea, it’s best to start with short periods of walking and gradually build up to longer walks as your muscles get stronger.
  • Invest in the right shoes. Wearing the right shoes can dramatically affect how you feel when you walk. Take the time to do some research and try on a number of different shoes to find the ones that provide the most support, especially around the arches of your feet.
  • Focus on your form. Ensuring that you have good form and posture when walking can help to prevent injury and soreness. Keep your head up, shoulders straight and your abdominal muscles tight when walking.

In addition to a regular walking regimen, your primary physician will also be able to give you a few other conservative treatments to try that will help alleviate the symptoms of your condition and get you on the road to recovery. Before trying any new treatment, be sure to consult with your doctor to avoid injury or exacerbating your condition.

If after several weeks or months of conservative treatment you are still suffering from the symptoms of arthritis of the spine, contact USA Spine Care for more information about the minimally invasive surgeries we offer to treat this condition. As the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, our outpatient procedures are often clinically appropriate and provide many advantages versus open neck and back surgery, including shorter recovery times.^

To find out if you are candidate for our outpatient procedures, contact us today and inquire about a free MRI review.*

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